A satellite altimetry data assimilation approach to optimise sea state estimates from vessel motion

This article was published on 31 January 2023. 👤 Filippo Nelli, Marzieh H. Derkani, Alberto Alberello, Alessandro Toffoli Abstract Estimates of directional wave spectra and related parameters can be obtained from ship motion data through the wave-buoy analogy approach. The fundamental input is the response amplitude operator (RAO), which translates ship response into a wave

Three-dimensional imaging of waves and floes in the marginal ice zone during a cyclone

This article was published on 06 August 2022. 👤 Alberto Alberello, Luke G. Bennetts, Miguel Onorato, Marcello Vichi, Keith MacHutchon, Clare Eayrs, Butteur Ntamba Ntamba, Alvise Benetazzo, Filippo Bergamasco, Filippo Nelli, Rohinee Pattani, Hans Clarke, Ippolita Tersigni & Alessandro Toffoli Abstract The marginal ice zone is the dynamic interface between the open ocean and consolidated

EGU 2018

EGU 2018   Air-Se-ice Lab participated to the last The General Assembly 2018 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) is held at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) in Vienna with 3 posters. The conference included a total of 4,776 oral, 11,128 poster, and 1,419 PICO presentations with 15,075 scientists from 106 countries. It has been a great